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18-Wheel Truck Turned Left In Front Of Oncoming Traffic

Settlement: $6.5 Million | Yolo County Superior Court | Kaylor v. Adams Trucking

A 38-year-old sheet rock installer was a passenger in a vehicle. An employee of Adams Trucking operating a vehicle hauling tomatoes made a left-hand turn in front of the vehicle in which plaintiff was riding. Plaintiff sustained a head injury, a spine injury as well as fractures to both upper extremities and his left leg.

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Defectively Designed Intersection In Roseville

Settlement: $2.86 Million | Placer County Superior Court | Curtis v. City of Roseville

This is an action arising out of the wrongful death of Taz Curtis, an 8-year-old and his aunt, Amy Williams. Ms. Williams and young Mr. Curtis were passengers in a vehicle driven by Ms. Williams' mother and the young boy's grandmother, Sharon Williams. Ms. Williams made a left hand turn in front of another vehicle resulting in a broadside impact that killed Ms. Williams and Taz Curtis on impact.

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Leg Struck By Errant Motorist

Settlement: $2.8 Million | Sacramento County | Sand v. Innerstate Transport Specialist

Here, plaintiff was a young high school student who sustained a major leg injury when an errant motorist lost control of his vehicle and struck her, as she exited from another vehicle.

Used Tire Resold, Blew Out And Caused Driver To Lose Control

Settlement: $2.3 Million | Alameda County Superior Court | Whitbeck v. Big O Tires, Inc

This was a single-car motor vehicle accident involving a claim of products liability against the defendants as well as negligence relative to a claim of tire failure. This was a wrongful death action involving the death of John Whitbeck who was proceeding on State Route 99 northbound when his right rear tire blew out causing him to lose control of his vehicle and be killed.

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Car Failed To Stop At T Intersection

Verdict: $1,640,116 | Sacramento County | Smith v. Dickerson

This case involved a vehicle accident wherein a mother and daughter were injured when defendant failed to stop at a T intersection. Defendant alleged brake failure of her new Suburban. Plaintiffs proceeded forward on both general negligence and product liability theories.

Product Liability Case

Settlement: $1 Million | Sacramento County | Tomas S. v. Temple Inland

This was a product liability case where, the plaintiff, a newly trained mechanist lost the tips of two fingers on his non-dominant hand due to what plaintiff alleged to be improper guarding and the lack of an accessible shut off switch.

Construction Zone Improperly Set Up, Causing Collision

Verdict: $6.5 Million | Sacramento County Superior Court | Jungsten v. State of CA and Granite Construction, et al.

This was a wrongful death case involving a 33-year-old off-duty sheriff's deputy on his way to work in September, 1995. He was survived by his wife and two children who were ages 4 and 8 at the time of the trial. Defendant state of California and Granite Construction both took the position that the accident was the fault of Jungsten, claiming that he had been inattentive.

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Motor Vehicle Accident Resulting In Severe Traumatic Brain Injury

Settlement: $1.1 Million | Sacramento County | Dutcher v. Fairall

A 20-year-old plaintiff was injured when defendant ran a red light causing a major side impact with plaintiff's car. As a result of this accident, plaintiff suffered a severe traumatic brain injury and was permanently disabled. Case settled for policy limits.

Forklift Propane Tank Ignited

Settlement: $1.92 Million | Sacramento County | Wong v. Propane, Clark Equipment Co., et al.

Plaintiff, a 36-year-old trucker, sustained severe burns to his non-dominant hand when a propane tank on a forklift ignited in a confined area when the forklift started. Plaintiff established that the accident was caused by a combination of a defective valve component and poor maintenance of the forklift. The case settled during trial.

Bicyclist Struck By Pickup Truck

Verdict: $1,152,853 | El Dorado County | Houser v. Pacific Bell and the City of South Lake Tahoe

This case involved a bicyclist who was a 23-year-old engineer for Johnson & Johnson who sustained a closed head injury when struck by a Pacific Bell truck in a poorly marked roadway work area.

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