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Motor Vehicle Accident

Verdict: $713,000 | Modoc County | Diddens v. Conners Well Drilling

This case involved a disputed liability motor vehicle accident. Plaintiff was a passenger in a vehicle driven by her husband. Defendant contended that plaintiff was traveling at an excess rate of speed, overreacted to the circumstances, and caused the subject accident. Defendant offered the sum of $100,000 on the first day of trial. Previous offer had been $50,000. Verdict: $713,000 (largest personal injury verdict in Modoc County history). This case was co-tried with Roger A. Dreyer.

Vehicle Struck Head On

Settlement: $950,000 | Monterey County | Leffee v. Direct Trucking

This was a serious three-vehicle collision where plaintiff's vehicle was struck head on while traveling on Highway 1. The injured couple was on their second honeymoon on the way to Santa Cruz. The entire accident was captured on videotape.

Slipped And Fell In Stairwell

Settlement: $1 Million | El Dorado County | Downs v. Reinke

This case involved a 30-year-old construction worker who was walking down an exterior stairwell of a small shopping center in Georgetown, California. Plaintiff was descending the stairwell in the evening time and slipped and fell, causing an injury to his lumbar spine. Plaintiff ultimately underwent lumbar surgery and with instrumentation.

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PG&E Lines Caused Arm Amputations

Settlement: $13.5 Million | San Francisco County | Williams v. PG&E and Central Valley Produce

($7 million from PG&E and $6.5 million from Central Valley Produce)

This case involved a 17-year-old who received a bilateral arm amputation while removing rain gutters from an industrial warehouse when the mast of a forklift made contact with overhead electrical lines owned and maintained by PG&E. The lines were alleged to have been only 6 inches out of clearance compliance.

Commercial Truck failed To Brake Fully

Settlement: $3.5 Million | Sacramento County Superior Court | Romine v. Piper Jaffray

Plaintiff in this matter was a 32-year-old Highway Patrol officer. She was in her personal vehicle on the freeway when a truck driven by one of the defendants lost control and went sideways across the freeway. She was able to bring her vehicle to a safe stop and was then struck from the side by a second defendant who failed to brake promptly.

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Cervical Injuries After Being Struck By Semi-Truck

Settlement: $1 Million | Shasta County | Vankelt v. H & L Trucking

This elderly plaintiff sustained cervical injuries when stuck by the defendant trucker.

Construction Crew Struck By Big Rig Truck

Settlement: $3.4 Million | Sacramento County Superior Court | Johnson v. COM Transport and State of California

A 35-year-old laborer working in the early morning hours on a moving lane closure for a subcontractor for the state of California laying out reflective squares was struck by a truck driven by a driver for COM Transport. The driver came upon the moving lane closure at a high rate of speed and failed to notice that it was not moving traffic but, in fact, a very slow moving lane closure construction crew.

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Fell On Back Into An Unmarked Trench

Verdict: $7.3 Million | San Francisco County Superior Court | Stringer v. PG&E

This case involved an accident at a construction site. Plaintiff David Stringer was a framing contractor working for defendant Hal Porter Homes on a housing tract. Defendant PG&E had dug a service trench to the foundation where Mr. Stringer was to do his framing. While Mr. Stringer was working next to the trench, it caved in causing him to fall into the trench and landing on his back.

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Wrongful Death Of Mentally Disabled Man By Drowning

Verdict: $512,825 | Sacramento County | Harris v. Camping Unlimited for Retarded Children, Inc.

This case arose out of the death of the 20-year-old mentally disabled man. The accident occurred when, contrary to defendant's policies, decedent was left without a lifejacket and beyond the reach of an instructor while he was swimming in the camp pool. Decedent was survived by his parents.

Wrongful Death At Youth Reform Camp

Settlement: Confidential | Not Disclosed | Vega v. Arizona Boys Ranch, The State of Arizona and County of Sacramento

Settlement: Confidential as to target defendant, Arizona Boy's Ranch.
This was a high publicity wrongful death case involving the death of 15-year-old Nicholas Contreras who died when forced to exercise when sick while in a custodial youth reform camp, as ordered by the County of Sacramento.
Settlement with the primary defendant, Arizona Boys Ranch, "Confidential."
Settlement with the State of Arizona: $750,000.
Settlement with County of Sacramento: $ 60,057.50.

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