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Big Rig Caused Vehicle To Lose Control

Verdict: $2.25 Million | Yolo County Superior Court | Phelps v. California Movers Express

Represented a 42-year-old single mother who was struck by a vehicle spinning out of control on April 18, 1996. The defendant, a trucking company, denied that their driver had caused the other vehicle to lose control and strike the plaintiff. She suffered neck and back injuries resulting in surgery.

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Defective Safety On Handgun

Settlement: $2.2 Million | Sacramento County Superior Court | Shehadeh v. Sigarms

Plaintiff was a 19-year-old college student who was at his uncle's convenience store. A firearm, kept by the uncle, was inadvertently dropped by an employee and the handgun discharged, resulting in the plaintiff being shot in the lower left portion of his leg. Plaintiff suffered fractures in both the tibia and fibula and caused significant injury and muscle loss to the left lower extremity.

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Intoxicated Minor Caused Passenger Severe Traumatic Brain Injury

Settlement: $1.015 Million | Sacramento County | Aguilar v. Brannan's

This accident occurred after a nightclub served alcohol to an obviously intoxicated minor who then drove her vehicle into a street lamp injuring her passenger, the 20-year-old plaintiff. The injury involved a severe traumatic brain injury and the case settled for policy limits.

Struck In Head By Equipment

Settlement: $1.25 Million | Sacramento County | Wander v. Rite Aid and Alarm Company

Here, plaintiff sustained neck and back injuries requiring surgery when an overhead upper wall mount alarm that was being serviced fell, striking her in the head and rear shoulder area.

Broadside Motor Vehicle Collision

Settlement: $1.1 Million | Sacramento County | McCall v. Hudson

This case involved a broadside motor vehicle collision wherein plaintiff sustained an injury to his low back. He was treated conservatively with epidural steroid injections and considered lumbar surgery but never underwent the surgery. The defense argued that he did not require the fusion as the impact was not significant enough to cause the damage that was to be repaired. The case settled for $1.1 million.

Local Businessman Sexually Molested Children

Settlement: $4.5 Million | Sacramento County Superior Court | Three Victims of Sexual Molestation

Represented a 10-year-old, 19-year-old and a 20-year-old who were all sexually molested as youngsters at different times by a local businessman. Each was subjected to a pattern of sexual abuse and manipulation. All suffered significant emotional residual effects of the molestation and were in varied degrees of therapy and treatment. The predator/molester had committed suicide so the case was against the estate of the molester and as a result had no punitive damage exposure. The cases settled through mediation for a combined settlement amount exceeding $4.5 million.

Pedestrian Hit By Turning Bus

Verdict: $5,226,562 | Marin County | Prendergast v. Golden Gate Transportation District

This was, for almost 10 years, the largest verdict for pain and suffering in Marin County history. This is a case involving a 55-year-old pedestrian who was hit by a turning bus while crossing the street. Plaintiff sustained a moderate closed head injury that affected his social functioning and employability.

Two Vehicle Accidents In A Year

Verdict: $6.6 Million | Sacramento County Superior Court | Maihack v. The Hartford

Plaintiff was involved in two separate motor vehicle accidents separated by six months. Both accidents resulted due to the negligent conduct of uninsured motorists. As a result, plaintiff filed an uninsured motorist claim against her auto carrier. She suffered a brachial plexus injury requiring a surgery.

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Cherry Picker Bolts Sheared And Failed

Settlement: $1.55 Million | Shasta County | Ashe v. Tenco

This was a product liability case involving sheared bolts on a cherry picker man lift. Plaintiff alleged that inadequate metallic stress tolerances of bolts securing the rotating base of the lift mechanisms were the cause of the failure. Plaintiff suffered orthopedic and closed-head injuries.

Could Not See Oncoming Traffic Because Of Roadway Design

Settlement: $2.5 Million | Placer County Superior Court | Martell v. County of Placer

This case was an action for personal injuries arising out of an accident in November 1998. The case alleged that the roadway was in a dangerous condition at the time of the accident, and as a result, caused Ms. Martell's injuries. She suffered a significant brain injury that affected her functionally.

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