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Struck From Behind By Motor Vehicle

Settlement: $1.4 Million | Sacramento County | Henry v. Kaldor

This case involved a rear-end motor vehicle collision wherein plaintiff was struck from behind on Highway 50. The impact aggravated a pre-existing low back condition. Plaintiff struggled with pain and was potentially going to undergo surgery for his problem, but never underwent the procedure.

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Tractor Rolled Down Hill And Hit Pickup Truck

Settlement: $3 Million | Sacramento County Superior Court | Newquist v. County of Sacramento

This matter involved a 57-year-old individual who was out at the Sacramento County dump with his wife. While out at this location, one of the Defendant's employees allowed a grader to roll down a hill causing it to head directly for the Plaintiff's vehicle.

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Las Vegas Pool Accident Resulting In Quadriplegic Injury

Settlement: $10.86 Million | Las Vegas, Nevada | Diving Accident/Confidential Settlement

This action involved a 24-year-old young man who was at one of the major casinos in Las Vegas with his fiancée and family. At 1 a.m., he, along with his family members, went out to the pool in an exterior area of the casino believing it was open for use by guests of the casino.

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Truck Rear-Ended car

Settlement: $5.2 Million | Sacramento County | Hillman/Johnson v. Johnstone Trucking Inc.

Plaintiffs were teaching golf professionals who were rear-ended by defendant, who was operating a tractor-trailer. Plaintiffs underwent lumbar surgeries and, thereafter, were unable to fully resume their golf teaching careers.

Struck In Head By Concrete Pumping Hose Coupling

Settlement: $3.8 Million | Sacramento County | Torres v. Berkeley Concrete Pumping, et al.

The plaintiff was a 32-year-old Hispanic cement worker who was injured when a coupling blew off the end of a concrete pumping hose, causing plaintiff to suffer a non-specific closed head injury.

Disabled Man Hit In Chain Reaction Accident

Settlement: $1.515 Million | Sacramento County | Long v. Western Carnival of Transport, et al.

This case involved a developmentally disabled man who was involved in a chain reaction accident. He underwent spinal surgery as a result of the collision.

Hit By Firestone Truck Turning Left

Settlement: $2 Million | El Dorado County | Marino v. Firestone

Plaintiff was a contractor who was injured when a Firestone truck made a left turn on a red arrow striking plaintiff's vehicle. Plaintiff underwent neck, back and shoulder surgery.

Denied Life Insurance

Settlement: Confidential | Sacramento County | Franklin v. Met Life

Here, plaintiff was a 3-year-old boy whose mother was found to have been murdered on a snowmobile outing by his father. The young beneficiary was thereafter denied life insurance benefits due him under their joint life policies.

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Dangerous Intersection Allowed Left Turn In Front Of Motorcycle

Settlement: $2 Million | Napa County Superior Court | Rodman v State of California

This matter involved an allegation of a dangerous condition of a state road in the Napa County region. Plaintiff was on a motorcycle when he was struck by another vehicle making a left turn in front of the plaintiff.

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Low-Impact Accident Caused Spine Surgery

Verdict: $1,230,413 | Sacramento County | Martinelli v. Tratheon and Jones Trucking

This was a minor impact rear end accident where plaintiff sustained a low back injury, requiring surgery.

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