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Semi-Truck Crossed Median

Verdict: $5.4 Million | Sacramento County | Deleon v. Abella Trucking

This wrongful death and personal injury case involved the tragic death of a 39-year-old husband and father of two when a semi-truck crossed the median causing a head-on accident. Decedent's wife also suffered injuries in the accident.

Slipped And fell In Unknown Spill

Verdict: $4,633,422 | Sacramento County | Stagis v. Kmart

Plaintiff, an out-of-state resident, slipped and fell in a spill of disputed origin in defendant's store while shopping for personal items. Plaintiff suffered a non-surgical lumbar disk injury that made it very difficult for him to work full-time as he had routinely done prior to the accident.

Trucking Accident Resulting In Severe Closed-Head Injury

Settlement: $16 Million | Sacramento County | Lucas v. Timmerman Starlite Trucking

A 38-year-old plaintiff was injured when a tractor-trailer crossed the centerline and collided head-on with his pickup truck. Plaintiff sustained a severe closed head injury with left third nerve palsy and a cognitive disorder that prevented him from working.

Bit By Sheriff Police Dog

Settlement: $1.5 Million | Sacramento County | Graham v. County of Sacramento

Represented a 22-year-old woman who was walking home from a friend's house at approximately 11 p.m. While walking home, she was attacked by a Sacramento County Sheriff's Department police dog.

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Represented The Oakland Raiders And Al Davis

Verdict: $34.2 Million | Sacramento County Superior Court | Oakland Raiders v. Oakland Alameda County Coliseum

This action dealt with a fraud/misrepresentation claim filed by the professional football franchise, the Oakland Raiders, against the Oakland Alameda County Coliseum, along with others, arising out of the Raiders move from Los Angeles to Oakland.

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Killed In Rollover From Defectively Designed Roof

Settlement: $2.35 Million | Northern California | Doe v. American Automaker

This was a wrongful death rollover accident that was alleged by decedent's heirs to have resulted when a defectively designed roof on a pick-up truck collapsed, killing the decedent who was a passenger. Decedent was a loving husband and father.

Struck By City Police Officer In "Hot Pursuit"

Settlement: $2.9 Million | Sacramento County | Jorgensen v. City of Sacramento Police Department

Here, plaintiff was a young, successful sales representative when he was struck by a city police officer who was in "hot pursuit" to a crime scene. Immunity was overcome because the officer failed to comply with Code 3 pursuit procedures while responding to the emergency call. Mr. Jorgensen suffered a non-specific cervical spine neurological injury that is limiting and chronically painful.

Faulty Temporary Elevator Door Caused Wrongful Death

Settlement: $4.8 Million | Sacramento County | Bohannon v. Sheedy Crane & Hoist, et al.

Mr. Bohannon was a 35-year-old drywall construction foreman, husband and father, who fell to his death through what plaintiff alleged to be a faulty temporary elevator door. The decedent was working on what is now known to be the Sheraton Hotel in Sacramento. As a result of this case, the door system used by the defendant was permanently modified at all construction sites statewide.

Hot Tub Not Protected Properly In Lake Tahoe Rental House

Settlement: $6.3 Million | Sacramento County Superior Court | McAfee v. Schlesinger

This was a premises liability action involving a 31-year-old employee of PeopleSoft. The plaintiff was in the Lake Tahoe region the evening of the accident. He had been out that evening with friends. He met up with a young woman who invited him to a party that she had been invited to at a rental in the Carnelian Bay area.

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Bus Accident Because Of Smoke

Verdict: $10,257,880 | Sacramento County | Largent v. Frontier Town Lines & Detroit Diesel Corp.

This was, for over 10 years, the largest personal injury verdict ever rendered in Sacramento County, and was the largest verdict for pain and suffering ($8 million).

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