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Solar Panel Fell On Plaintiff's Ankle/Foot

Verdict: $3,436,781 | Tehama County | Lawrence v. Haas, et al.

The plaintiff, a helicopter mechanic, sustained a severe ankle injury when he and his co-workers were attempting to transport a solar panel that was to be installed as part of a home/ranch solar energy project when it fell on his ankle/foot.

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Construction Accident Caused Injury

Settlement: $1 Million | Sacramento County | Ramirez v. Sierra Dredging

Plaintiff was seriously injured when the outrigger leg of a cement pumping truck collapsed with plaintiff under it. Plaintiff alleged the collapse occurred because of improper soil compaction and grading by a contractor.

Car Stalled On 680 In San Jose

Settlement: $1 Million | Santa Clara County | Tan v. Marge's Trucking

This was a wrongful death case where a 23-year-old Vietnamese-American woman was killed after being rear-ended while stopping when her car stalled in the fast lane of travel on Highway 680 in San Jose while in route to work.

Struck Head On By Sheriff's Vehicle

Settlement: $2.6 Million | Mariposa County | Crawford v. County of Mariposa Sheriff/State of California

Plaintiffs were struck head on by a Mariposa County sheriff traveling at high speeds on Highway 49. The sheriff's vehicle was alleged to have been traveling at speeds in excess of 75 mph, for no urgent reason, when an elderly motorist allegedly came from a feeder road causing the sheriff to swerve out of his lane and into plaintiffs' vehicle. Here, two plaintiffs suffered serious orthopedic injuries.

Bus/Bicycle Accident

Settlement: $415,000 | Sacramento County | Parisi v. Sacramento Regional Transit

A 48-year-old bicyclist was injured when a bus pulled away from a bus stop causing her to fall and be run over by its right rear tire. Injuries involved right elbow dislocation and radial head fracture.

Rear-End Motor Vehicle Collision

Verdict: $4.6 Million | Napa County Superior Court | Hurlburt v. Hada

This was a rear-end motor vehicle collision which took place as a result of the plaintiff having to slow for construction and the defendant impacting her car from behind. Defendant admitted liability, but contested the nature and extent of plaintiff's injuries. Plaintiff claimed a cervical spine injury which resulted in surgery and a lumbar spine injury which also resulted in a surgery.

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Bus Bicycle Accident Resulting In Clavicle Fracture

Settlement: $500,000 | Sacramento County | Hainze v. Area Transit

A 48-year-old cyclist was injured while training in South Lake Tahoe when a trolley swerved into his lane causing him to fracture his clavicle. The injury required surgery and resulted in plaintiff losing his job as a fire fighter.

Construction/Trucking Accident Resulting In A Wrongful Death

Verdict: $5,038,217 | Sacramento County | Escobar v. Mike Lowery Transport

Irrigation district employee Craig Escobar was killed when a tractor-trailer ran over him while he was standing outside his own truck at an asphalt yard. Mr. Escobar left a surviving wife and three sons. The jury found the truck driver and the asphalt yard responsible for the accident.

Bus Driver Broadsided By Rental Car

Verdict: $335,235 | Alameda County | Mahone v. Williams and Enterprise Rent-A-Car Company

Here, the plaintiff was operating a bus when he was broadsided in an intersection by a vehicle owned by Enterprise Rent-A-Car. As a result of the collision, the plaintiff lost consciousness, causing him to lose control of the bus striking two houses near the intersection and sustaining injuries to both shoulders and knees.

Neck And Back Injuries Caused By Car Accident

Settlement: $2.0875 Million | Sacramento County | Marter v. Capital Glass

The plaintiff, a self-employed merchant, sustained neck and back injuries in a motor vehicle accident, both of which eventually required surgery.

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