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Dangerous Condition On Highway 50

Verdict: $17.25 Million | El Dorado County Superior Court | Betts v. State of California

This case involved allegations against the state of California for having a dangerous condition of public roadway as it relates to how they set up and ran their chain installation zone on Highway 50. Mr. Dreyer represented Mrs. Betts and her husband, a 73-year-old man who was working on the day of the incident as an independent contractor installing chains.

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Car Rolled And Roof Failed

Settlement: $4.65 Million | Nevada County Superior Court | Ladendorf v. DaimlerChrysler/Brewer Refrigeration

This action dealt with a single-car incident where the adverse driver had a .08 alcohol level and took a curve too sharply and turned his vehicle over. He had limited insurance and the plaintiff sued not only the driver, but also the manufacturer of the vehicle in that the roof failed.

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Binding Arbitration In Uninsured Motorist Case

Verdict: $1 Million | Sacramento County | Slender v. Golden Eagle Insurance Company

Claimant was involved in a vehicle collision on Highway 70. Her vehicle was struck and run off the road down an embankment. The window frame of the passenger door flexed outward from the vehicle at the time of impact with a tree wedging her right arm between the window frame and the vehicle frame.

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Farm Worker Rear-Ended By UPS Vehicle

Verdict: $7 Million | Sacramento County Superior Court | Servin v. United Parcel Service

This case involves a 70-year-old farm worker who was driving a tractor on July 4, 2001, when he was rear-ended by a UPS transportation vehicle. The impact caused Mr. Servin's head to strike the rear glass on the tractor causing him to suffer a closed head injury.

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Class Action Against Allstate

Settlement: $70 Million | Sacramento County | Lumenta v. Allstate

This office was lead co-counsel in a class action wherein the class plaintiffs alleged that Allstate illegally charged its insureds excessive premiums by secretly increasing their driving mileage projections to facilitate unwarranted premium increases.

Struck Violently By Concrete Pump Hose

Verdict: $650,000 | Alameda County | Salamanca v. CF&T Available Concrete Pumping

This case involved an industrial accident that occurred at the Bechtel Power Plant in Costa Contra County. Plaintiff Salamanca was a 52-year-old laborer who had immigrated to the United States as a teenager. Plaintiff was in a large ditch acting as a hose man for a concrete pump truck that was filling a ditch with a slurry mix in order to protect pipelines for the power plant.

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Ford Van Roll Over

Verdict: Confidential | Sacramento County | Demian v. Ford Motor Co. & Enterprise Rent-A-Car

This case involved a church group that rented a Ford 15-passenger van from Enterprise Rent-A-Car for a retreat. Fourteen young adults were traveling in the van when it rolled over killing five of them and severely injuring nine others. After lengthy negotiations, Ford settled for an undisclosed amount. After seven weeks of trial, the remainder of the case settled with Enterprise Rent-A-Car for another undisclosed amount.

Vehicle Went Into Ditch, Causing Severe Lacerations To Right Arm

Settlement: $1,000,000.00 | Sacramento County Superior Court | Farris v. Smith

This case involves a single-vehicle collision wherein Plaintiff was a passenger in an older model pick-up truck. Plaintiff was seat belted with a lap belt only when the vehicle went off the road into a ditch. Plaintiff was thrown forward and his right arm broke through the windshield.

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Tripped And Fell On Raised Concrete

Settlement: $1.5 Million | Sacramento County | Chad B. v. Hoffman

Plaintiff, a new tenant visiting property for the first time, suffered a trip-and-fall accident on a raised area of concrete on a driveway and sustained an avulsion fracture of his ankle. The plaintiff developed complex regional pain syndrome as a result of his injury. Plaintiff alleged that the condition of the driveway was unreasonably dangerous and that the condition was known to the defendants who failed to take reasonable steps to correct the condition or warn plaintiff.

Car Pulled Out In Front Of Motorcyclist On Highway

Verdict: $6.7 Million | Sacramento County Superior Court | Yslas v. Sacramento Rendering Company

This was a wrongful death action involving a 30-year-old hourly construction employee, Richard Yslas. Mr. Yslas was on a motorcycle and was killed when the defendant driver, an employee of Sacramento Rendering Company, pulled out in front of him.

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