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Hit Head-On By Drunk Driver

Settlement: $7.65 Million | Fresno County Superior Court | Smith v. Vista Verde Farms

This is a motor vehicle collision where the plaintiffs, Chalene, a 28-year-old single woman, and her mother, Dixie, a 60-year-old drama and arts professor at West Hills College, were struck head-on by an adverse driver who was a partner in the Vista Verde Farms and significantly under the influence of alcohol. Chalene Smith suffered a back injury that ultimately resulted in surgery on her spine and a knee and foot injury which also required surgery.

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Hand Crushed By Welding Machine

Settlement: $1.2 | Sacramento County | Nguyen v. Amerimax, et al.

Viet Nguyen was injured by a faulty product at his place of employment. Mr. Nguyen was employed in Yolo County and operating a welding machine for Jeld Wen window frames. Mr. Nguyen was a temporary employee and had very little experience in the industry. His dominant right hand was caught in an unprotected belt that crushed his fingers and hand. Mr. Nguyen's injury is permanent, and he will never regain full use of his hand or fingers.

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Killed Instantly By U.S. Postal Service Vehicle

Settlement: $400,000 | United States District Court Eastern District of California | Cervantes v. United States

This was a wrongful death case where a 16-year-old boy was killed when a United States Postal Service employee pulled out into the decedent's lane of travel forcing him to swerve sharply to the left, striking a wood/metal fence. Several objects penetrated decedent's windshield, killing him instantly. While the CHP cited the Postal employee as the cause, the U.S. Postal Service denied all responsibility. A full computer simulation animation proved responsibility on the part of the Postal Service employee.

Broadsided by Driver Under The Influence

Settlement: $1 Million 00 Fresno County | Loomer v. Collis

Here, plaintiff was broadsided by defendant who was driving under the influence of alcohol and cocaine. Plaintiff sustained severe life threatening injuries, including loss of consciousness and thereafter a coma for several weeks. An alcohol licensee was also found responsible for serving alcohol to an obviously intoxicated minor.

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Broadsided By Defendant

Settlement: $1.75 Million | Santa Clara County | Avina v. McPherson

Plaintiff sustained major injuries when he was broadsided by defendant who ran a red light.

Wrongful Death Caused By Malfunctioning Steam Room

Settlement: $450,000 | Sacramento County | Allen v. Pathways to Health

This case arose out of the death of the 82-year-old plaintiff. This accident occurred when a steam room malfunctioned resulting in excessive heat and a backup of scalding water in the room combined with the massage facility's failure to properly supervise or check in on its clients. Plaintiff was found unconscious with third-degree burns over 15 percent of his body, which eventually caused his death.

Slipped And Fell On Wet Floor With No Warning Signs

Settlement: $2 Million | Sacramento County | Darrow v. Somers Building Maintenance

Plaintiff, Darrow, slipped and fell at work on a vinyl floor that had been mopped minutes before by a janitor employed by Somers. The janitor failed to place any wet floor signs out in order to provide pedestrians with any warning of the slick conditions. This failure was a clear violation of Somers' own safety policy.

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Truck Tire Came Off And Struck Vehicle

Settlement: $10 Million | Nevada County | Baker v. Big O Tires, American Racing Equipment, Inc., et al.

Here, a 39-year-old veterinarian sustained a serious closed-head injury when her vehicle was struck by an errant truck tire that had come off a vehicle traveling from the opposite direction of plaintiff's travel on Interstate 80.

Construction Accident Resulting In Renal Failure And Brain Injury

Settlement: $691,000 | Sacramento County | Hickey v. Anderson Martella

The 53-year-old plaintiff was injured on a construction site when two improperly erected steel uprights weighing over 1,000 pounds collapsed on top of him. Plaintiff sustained severe injuries including an acute renal failure and a traumatic brain injury. The case settled one month before trial.

Iron Worker Injured By Caterpillar Loader

Settlement: $4.9 Million | Sacramento County | Rueles v. MCM Construction

Plaintiff was an iron worker who was injured when a Caterpillar loader backed into him at a slow speed allegedly with the backup beeper sounding. Plaintiff was briefly hospitalized but eventually underwent back and neck surgery. Plaintiff alleged that the defendant had knowingly disconnected the backup alarm to the Caterpillar loader prior to the incident and that defendant was negligent.

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