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Struck Head-On By Trailer

Verdict: $5.2 Million | Sacramento County Superior Court | Garcia v. Cal-West Concrete Cutting, Inc.

This case involves 65-year-old Elva Garcia and her husband of 46 years, Ramon Garcia. On the day of the incident, plaintiffs were traveling southbound on Sierra College Boulevard when the defendant, who was traveling in the opposite direction, had his compressor trailer disconnect from the back of his truck due to his failure to properly secure the trailer hitch. The trailer, which had a diesel generator on it, went into the Garcias' lane of travel and struck their vehicle head-on.

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Hit Head-On And Killed By Van

Settlement: $1.25 Million | Solano County | Karin D. v. State of California Department of Transportation

Plaintiff's 19-year-old daughter was killed when a van crossed over a single cable median barrier, located on Highway 80 near Fairfield, and hit her daughter's vehicle head-on. Plaintiff alleged that the single cable median barrier system of Caltrans was unsafe and the cause of her daughter's death.

Safety Railing Failed

Settlement: $1.1 Million | Sacramento County | Gylen v. Peninsula Crane & Rigging

Plaintiff, a young construction apprentice, fell from a second level when a safety cable railing he grabbed failed, causing him to suffer a serious ankle injury.

Struck By Rushing Water From Fire Hydrant

Settlement: $3.175 Million | Sacramento County | Toller v. View Water District

The plaintiff received a spinal cord injury when he was struck by rushing water from a fire hydrant while he was in the process of removing the hydrant cap, while believing that the fire hydrant valve had been shut down. Plaintiff alleged he was using a defective water pressure gage that was fabricated by View Water District.

Truck Hit Motorcycle Resulting In Right Wrist Fracture With Surgery

Settlement: $450,000 | Sacramento County | Tann v. Mr. B's Trucking

The plaintiff, who was 46 years old, was injured when a tractor-trailer collided with his motorcycle causing him to lose control and collide with a cement divider. He sustained a right wrist fracture resulting in a surgery.

Hit From Rear Causing Vehicle To Hit Semi Trailer

Settlement: $9 Million | Sacramento County Superior Court | Adins v. Master Tile West

This action involved a catastrophic collision that took place in December of 2004 in a complex motor vehicle collision sequence. Roberta Adins was a 48-year-old special education teacher on her way home when an unknown driver affected traffic at an off-ramp in Solano County.

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Struck By Lake Oroville Boat Shuttle After Falling Between Two Boats

Settlement: $5.5 Million | Butte County Superior Court | Lindblad v. Bidwell Marina

This action dealt with a marine/boating incident that took place on August 14, 2002. Ron Lindblad, a 65-year-old retired metal fabricator and his wife of 41 years, Lauralee Lindblad, were on their houseboat on Lake Oroville and were being shuttled by the Bidwell Marina shuttle back to the main marina.

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Scaffolding Accident

Settlement: $6.5 Million | Not Disclosed | Hindman, et al. v. Sacramento Valley Scaffold Company, LLC, et al.

The two plaintiffs proceeded forward on a product liability theory after being injured when a mast climber collapsed resulting in serious orthopedic injuries.

Pedestrian Struck In Crosswalk

Verdict: $546,000 | Sacramento | Congdon v. Papa John's Pizza

The 37-year-old plaintiff was injured when she was struck by a delivery vehicle while crossing the street in a crosswalk. Upon impact, plaintiff was knocked to the ground and struck her head resulting in a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Slipped And Fell On Store Display

Settlement: $1.3 County | Shasta County | Cortelyou v. Orchard Supply & Hardware

Denise Cortelyou and her husband, Robert, visited the Orchard Supply & Hardware (OSH) on Athens Avenue in Redding, California, to shop for gardening supplies. As Denise Cortelyou entered the store, she stepped onto part of a display that had been left on the entryway floor.

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