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Misdiagnosed Schizophrenic Woman

Settlement: $2.5 Million | Sacramento County | Pamela K. v. UCD Med Center

Plaintiff was a schizophrenic woman who was misdiagnosed in the emergency room as having cervical strain when in fact she had a fracture/dislocation at C-5. She was released and when she returned, she suffered irreparable neurological damage.

Foot And Ankle Struck By Coca-Cola Hand Truck

Settlement: $2.6 Million | Sacramento County | Sanman v. Valley Coca-Cola Distribution

The plaintiff was injured while a hand truck operated by Sacramento Coca-Cola employee struck her foot and ankle area causing plaintiff to suffer disability from a regional pain syndrome phenomena

Asbestos Exposure

Settlement: $1.1 Million | Sacramento County | Clifton v. S.M.U.D., et al.

Perry Clifton was exposed to asbestos while working at Rancho Seco Nuclear Power Plant in the early 1980s. The exposure has now, 20 years later, caused severe restrictive pulmonary disease. Mr. Clifton underwent surgery in 2001 to release his "trapped lung" on the right side which had become encased in fibrosis consistent with asbestos exposure. Mr. Clifton incurred $30,000 in medical expenses. The case was resolved by way of settlement for $1.1 million.

Truck Accident Caused By improper Marking Of Construction Zone

Settlement: $7.35 Million | Yolo County Superior Court | Blagg v. State of California, et al.

This matter involved the wrongful death of a father of two young boys who was married. He was on Interstate 5 transporting materials in his truck and approaching a location where Caltrans and private construction companies were doing roadway construction.

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Trucking Accident Resulting In Knee And Ankle Injury

Settlement: $200,000 | Sacramento County | Fromm v. Knights Transportation

Husband and wife plaintiffs suffered knee and ankle injuries requiring surgery when a tractor trailer collided with their vehicle while making a right turn.

Vehicle Rollover

Settlement: $3.7 Million | Northern California | Doe v. American Automaker

Plaintiff was a passenger in a vehicle that rolled on a rural roadway at about 45 mph. sustaining serious spinal injuries. The vehicle was allegedly unstable and had a defective roof.

Killed In Forklift Accident

Settlement: $3.5 Million | Northern California | Betterman v. Forklift Manufacturer, et al.

The decedent, a husband and father of two grown children died while operating a standup-style forklift when his forklift collided with a horizontal racking assembly in a warehouse. Plaintiff alleged that decedent's injuries occurred because the forklift manufacturer failed to protect the occupant compartment against environmental intrusion.

Faulty GFI Switch Caused Death

Settlement: $1 Million | Sacramento County | Morel v. Electrical Product Manufacturer

Here, the decedent was fatally injured when a GFI went bad and failed to trip. Plaintiff's theory was that the 20-year-old GFI unit should not continue to conduct electrical current at the conclusion of its useful life, rather than allowing for continuous flow of electricity to pass through it.

Struck By Utility Maintenance Vehicle

Settlement: $5.25 Million | Yolo County | Parker v. Northern Pacific Railroad

Plaintiff's heirs were the husband and children of a 37-year-old loving mother and wife who was killed while crossing a gate crossing when her vehicle was struck by a utility maintenance vehicle. The crossing arms were not activated at the time of the accident.

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