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$1.8 million Judgement for Vespa Collision

Chuente C. was riding her Vespa eastbound on Broadway when she was struck by Defendant Marsh. She was evaluated by EMTs at the scene and released. Her boyfriend picked her up from the scene and took her to work. She left work early due to pain and symptoms. She went on to suffer from a mild traumatic brain injury and underwent facet injections and epidural steroid injections in her cervical and lumbar spine.

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Hotel Walkway Fall

$2.5 Million Judgement Against Motel 6 for Unsafe Walkway

RebelloJessica T. slipped and fell on a puddle of water on a walkway at Motel 6 in Anaheim, California. As a result of her fall, she suffered a fractured patella. She underwent 3 surgeries on the knee before she was advised by her treating physician that a total knee replacement was her last remaining option.

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Napa And Sonoma Fires

Lawsuits Filed Against PG&E in Napa and Sonoma Fires

With lives lost and thousands of acres burned in Napa and Sonoma counties, investigators are helping to determine the cause. A history of PG&E safety lapses have put that company in the spotlight, and lawsuits have been filed against them in these fires.

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$3.4 Million Settlement Reached in delivery vehicle accident

Settlement: $3.4 Million | El Dorado County

RebelloDefendant driver of Vitas Home Health delivery vehicle failed to yield the right of way and turned directly in front of an oncoming vehicle, causing catastrophic injuries that resulted in the death to Jack Rebello, age 82. Plaintiffs were his wife of 62 years, son and adult grandchildren. Despite clear evidence downloaded from the vehicle computers showing that the Vitas vehicle was the cause of the collision, Defendants denied liability and claimed that decedent was speeding and should have been able to avoid the collision.

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Napa County Jury Returns Record $8.4 Million Verdict

Verdict: $8.4 Million | Napa County | Alvarez v. Syar Industries, Inc

car FiredOn Wednesday, February 1, 2017 a Napa County jury returned a verdict in favor of clients of the Dreyer Babich Buccola Wood & Campora firm in the amount of $8,311,685 and $125,000. The firm represented Melissa Alvarez, a 35-year old mother of three and employee of Napa County’s Probation Department and her 5-year old son, Lorenzo Alvarez..

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Parents, city reach settlement in girl's death at Camp Sacramento

Settlement: $15 Million | Sacramento County

NatalieParents, city reach settlement in girl's death at Camp Sacramento - Money from the settlement will go toward research and education for the Natalie Giorgi Sunshine Foundation.

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Jury Returns Verdict of $5.24 Million in Yuba County

Verdict: $5.24 Million | Yuba County | Jane Doe v. Sundt Construction, Inc.

LadderPlaintiff was seriously injured while performing electrical work on the roof of the Health and Safety building at Yuba Community College. Plaintiff fell while descending a roof access ladder due to defendant Sundt Construction, Inc.’s failure to apply a required non-slip coating on the ladder steps and clean the ladder of sheet rock and dust. Plaintiff fell approximately 15 feet to the concrete floor suffering multiple injuries.

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Sacramento County Jury Awards a $1.25 Million verdict in favor of motorcyclist Timothy Stubbs.

Verdict: $1.25 Million | Sacramento County | Stubbs v. Aslett

Timothy StubbsOn Thursday June 9, 2016, a Sacramento County jury returned a verdict in favor of motorcyclist Timothy Stubbs. Mr. Stubbs was seriously injured in a June 30, 2014 motorcycle versus pickup truck accident that occurred on the interchange from westbound Interstate 80 to southbound Interstate 680.

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Jury Awards $2.89 Million for Injuries Sustained In Contested Rear-End Impact

Verdict: $2.89 Million | Sacramento County | Bradley v. Bassco Services, Inc.

Car AccidentOn Friday, June 3, 2016, a Sacramento County jury returned a personal injury verdict of $2,894,226.73 for injuries suffered by the plaintiff in an April 15, 2013 automobile collision.

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Jury Returns Verdict of $1.6 Million in Sacramento County

Trial / Settlement: $1.6 Million | Sacramento County | Kirby v. Wright Celebrations & AG Air Conditioning

Sacramento CountyOn August 6, 2012, Ms. Kirby suffered a fractured left ankle when Wright Celebrations and AG Air Conditioning left an air conditioning vent open on the floor of a tent that was being constructed for a wedding in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

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Jury Returns Verdict of $627,000 in Stanislaus County

Verdict: $627,000 | Stanislaus County | Esteves v. Allied Concrete Company, Inc.

Stanislaus CountyOn April 22, 2014, Joshua Esteves was stopped at a red light in Modesto. He and his wife and two sons were enjoying spring break together. While stopped, Mr. Esteves was rear-ended by a 30-ton cement truck owned and operated by Allied Concrete Company.

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Jury Returns $9.8 Million Verdict in El Dorado County

Verdict: $9.8 Million | El Dorado County | Bray v. Hoelscher

Chaisson v Amador County Unified School District Reaches ResolutionFollowing a three-week trial, an El Dorado County jury returned a $9,860,630.86 verdict in favor of Plaintiff Carly Bray. Ms. Bray lost her right leg on March 1, 2012 when a driver lost control of her vehicle and careened into an El Dorado Union High School District bus stop.

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Jury Awards $9 Million for Injuries Sustained in 2012 Crash

August 2015 - Jonesboro, Arkansas - $9.1 Million

Jury Awards $9 Million for Injuries Sustained in 2012 CrashAn Arkansas woman, who suffered severe brain injuries, losing part of her temporal lobe after being broadsided by a van driven by a grocery chain employee, was awarded $9 million by a federal jury.

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Chaisson v. Amador County Unified School District Reaches Resolution

Settlement: $1.75 million | Amador County | Chaisson v. Amador County Unified School District

Chaisson v Amador County Unified School District Reaches ResolutionOn April 2, 2013, Matthew Chaisson fell from a four foot high landing connected to a mobile office building. The landing was missing a handrail in violation of local and state law. The office building stood in a maintenance yard connected to Argonaut High School in Amador County.

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City of West Sacramento Pays Millions to Sexual Assault Victims

Attorney and Robert Buccola

City westIn recovering for victims of police officer sexual misconduct, it is critical to establish that the officer’s unlawful actions were perpetrated under "color of authority" as conferred to them by the police department. Proof of an officer’s mere on the job activities alone that are outside of an officer’s directives may be legally insufficient to impose liability upon the department for an officer’s predatory behavior.

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Rear-End Collision Causes Facet Joint Injury

Settlement: $231,879.85 | Yolo County | Capaul v. Sommer

FacetOn September 14, 2011, Steven Capaul was on his way to work on Highway 50 when he was rear-ended by Lisa Sommer. From the outset Defendant Sommer began defending her case by trying to portray it as a minor impact, no injury accident.

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Armstead v. USC Lawsuit Reaches Resolution

Settlement: Confidential

The parties in this matter have reached a resolution of the case. As a result, the trial scheduled for April 6, 2015, will not proceed. The terms and conditions of the settlement are confidential. As a result, the parties are not at liberty to discuss the litigation or the resolution of the matter. The court file does remain public record.

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Lawsuit Causes Caltrans To Correct Dangerous Roadway Conditions

Settlement: $9.85 Million | Yolo County | Dionisio v. State Of California

On August 6, 2012, Rosalina Dionisio was headed home to Sacramento from her shift at the West Sacramento United States Postal Service office. She was driving a 1990 BMW when it suddenly stopped functioning and she lost electrical power.

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Drunk Driver Held Accountable

Settlement: $2,474,854.94 | Sacramento County | Arakelian v. Boyles

DBBWC High Profile Case Summary After two years of litigation the Defendant, AMCO and Truck Insurance Exchange agreed to meet our demand and pay $2,474,854.94 to settle Brynne Arakelians personal injury case arising out of a horrific single car crash that occurred on Old Auburn Road in Placer County.

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$3.9 Million Settlement for Wrongful Death of a Wife, with No Children

January 2015 - Yolo County - $3.9 Million

skid marksThis case stemmed from a heavy impact, head on, fatal collision between Defendant’s commercial truck and Decedent’s personal vehicle. Plaintiff, the surviving husband, brought a wrongful death claim against Defendant for the death of his wife of 36 years.

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Cyclist Struck Suffers Traumatic Brain Injury

Settlement: $5 Million | Sacramento County | John Doe v. John Slaughter / Ferguson Enterprises, Inc.

Defendant and insurer AIG accepted a pending $5 million policy limits demand two days before trial on a matter where a work vehicle for a local underground pipe manufacturer struck a 60-year-old professional who became a client of the Dreyer Babich Buccola Wood Campora firm.

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Dangerous Intersection Caused Pedestrian Death

Verdict: $3.2 Million | Merced Superior Court | Gonzales v. City of Atwater

The intersection had been signalized at the end of 2001 and within a year, a person was killed in the crosswalk where Delia Gonzales was ultimately struck. As was the case with the death of Gonzales, a left-turning vehicle struck John Toews and killed him.

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Pedestrians Hit By Drunk Driver In Sacramento

Settlement: $3.2 Million | Sacramento County | Elliott-Galvan v Border

On June 1, 2012, Amy Elliott and Steven Galvan were standing on the sidewalk at the corner of Fair Oaks Boulevard and Howe Avenue when a drunk driver came onto the sidewalk and struck them as they waited to cross the street. After the initial collision, the drunk driver did not stop, but continued to drive several hundred feet before colliding with another vehicle that was stopped at a stop sign. A blood test of the drunk driver would later reveal a blood alcohol content of .28.

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Agricultural Aviator's Death Due To Unmarked Meteorological Evaluation Tower

Settlement: $6.7 Million | Contra Costa County | Allen v. Delta Wetlands

On January 10, 2011, a 60-meter meteorological evaluation tower (MET) that had been erected in April 2009 took the life of well-known and respected Northern California agricultural aviator Steve Allen. Mr. Allen had been hired by Bouldin Farming Company to spread winter wheat on one of the fields in Webb Tract Island, located in Contra Costa County.

On the day of the subject incident, Mr. Allen was never made aware of the existence of the tower by Bouldin Farming Company, and from eyewitness accounts, it was clear that he never saw it before he struck it and fell to his death. Mr. Allen's death was not the first where agricultural aviators struck unmarked and unlit METs during daytime operations.

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United States Sanctioned For Destroying Evidence

Botell v. U.S. Park Service

United States deemed to be negligent in the death of Tommy Botell by court order. During the course of discovery in this case, it became apparent that relevant evidence had not been preserved and/or had been destroyed. Steve Campora and Catia Saraiva filed a motion against the United States seeking sanctions based on spoliation of evidence.

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Trucking Company Responsible For Damages

March 2010 - Sacramento County - $24.3 Million

On the afternoon of March 5, 2010, a Sacramento jury returned a $24.3 million verdict for Diana Jimenez, an Oregon resident, who will turn 15 next month. $20 million of the verdict was for Diana's past and future pain and suffering. At age 9, Diana was run over by the semi-tires of a truck and suffered pelvic degloving injuries, as well as orthopedic injuries. "Although she now 'appears' normal and returned to school five months after her accident, she will live a life of musculoskeletal weakening that will be progressive in nature, and will endure a lifetime of surgeries and limitations," says attorney Robert Buccola.

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Diabetic Driver Knows Blood Sugar Is Low And Causes Collision

Verdict: $3,695,978 | Amador County Superior Court | Tara Frisk v. Catherine Margaret Cowan

The defendant, age 53 at the time of the incident, denied liability both for causing the collision and for plaintiff's damages. Defendant has been a Type 1 insulin-dependent diabetic since the age of 14 and on the evening of the collision she blacked out from low blood sugar, crossed the centerline, and struck the plaintiff's vehicle.

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Sacramento Jury Awards Record $34.9 Million For Injury

Verdict: $34.9 Million | Sacramento County | Hackett v. Silva Trucking, Inc.

On October 11, 2010, Mrs. Hackett was driving her bus on Highway 12 when the defendants' semi-truck/trailer combination crossed over into the oncoming lane, colliding with Mrs. Hackett's bus rendering her paralyzed from the waist down, also resulting in her suffering a major closed head injury.

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Settlement | Placer County | Espinoza v. Squaw Creek Transportation, Inc.

Bus AccidentIn this bus accident case, dozens of Spanish speaking employees of Destination Tahoe Hotels, Inc. were being transported to work at a resort in Truckee from their homes in Reno when the bus operator fell asleep and lost control of the bus. The bus went off the road and rolled over.

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Heavenly Ski Resort Settlement Changed Safety Procedures

Settlement: Confidential | El Dorado Superior Court in South Lake Tahoe | Dickson v. Heavenly Valley

The retrieval rope broke under high wind conditions, which were consistently in excess of the ZipRider's operational parameters in the hours before Mark Dickson's death. Heavenly's poor maintenance of the rope also contributed to its failure. In the months prior to the accident, Heavenly abandoned the inspection practices mandated by the ZipRider's manufacturer. On the day Mark Dickson died, the ZipRider was understaffed and no supervisor trained in the ride's operation was present to ensure safety procedures were being followed.

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